Omni-Channel: The Concept

"Omni-channel" is an integrated approach to customer-centric processes, where the numerous interaction channels are packaged into a single management system to improve the customer satisfaction, user experience and ensure effective delivery of products and services where cross-channel customer journeys are either required or supported. Our enterprise-class ABOS ecosystem, coupled with our integration expertise, offer the most flexible solution for swift market penetration.

ABOS - Alien Business Operating System

ABOS features blended with outstanding customer support to make it ideal for fast-moving operations teams in growing brands.

Modules & Features

Omnichannel Ecommerce

ABOS will unify all your operations by incorporating different solutions and publishing products on different channels from a single management dashboard. These channels include Amazon, eBay, Multi Site B2C and B2B, Facebook, Google.

API integrations

ABOS acts as a middleware that integrates all your business operations with any other system that your business uses, whether it an ERP, Ecommerce website, 3PL, or a shipping service.

Media assets

Do you have a rich media library, and managing it has proven to be a vicious cycle? Well, the media assets module in ABOS has got you covered! It allows you to manage high-volume multimedia and video files from a centralized source.

Product information management

ABOS is a perfect organizational tool you can use to develop, improve, and manage your products swiftly and efficiently. The software is armed with a wide range of features that help organize, maintain, and manage product information.

Order Fulfilment

ABOS provides a unique fulfillment system that helps you fulfill orders swiftly, simplify the workflow, and, most importantly, gain and maintain customer trust.


You need software that will provide you with a smart inventory control system that will manage re-order points, develop sales strategies, and ensure your clients are fully satisfied, right? With ABOS inventory, you will achieve this and much more!

Customisable Business Logic

Your business will only move as fast as your slowest operation, and no matter how complex your business is, ABOS can be customised to do the thinking for you. The level of performance of this product is on another level, and its operational simplicity provides satisfaction and effectiveness to users.

Reporting & Analytics

Live alerts and automated reports to any aspect and processes in your ecom business. These alerts are fully configurable; hence they allow you to send messages to the right people using the right channels and at the right time.

CMS & Campaign Manager

ABOS has a full featured CMS including a campaign manager that lets you manage, update or schedule your sales campaigns across all the supported channels.

SEO Manager

ABOS integrates with SEMRUSH and GOOGLE APIs simplifying your SEO operations, while automatically tracking your rankings and measuring organic sales revenue.

Moderation Tools

ABOS's webhook support allows the live moderation of ad comments across the social platforms and published reviews, optimizing your ad spend revenue.

SMS Services

SMS integration with template functionality for improved customer experience.

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