10 Grand Ways Managed It Services Help Improve Your Workflow

May 1st, 2024


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Did you know that the global tech industry is worth over $5 trillion? 

With everything in our world becoming more technological, it can be difficult to keep up with it all, especially as a business owner.

That's where hiring managed IT services can come in. Read on to learn about the 10 benefits of hiring managed IT services for your business! 

1. Improved Security

When you use managed IT services, you know that your data is all hosted in a way that is part of standard technology. If something were to happen like a natural disaster that destroys part of your technological systems in an office, all of the data will be saved in a different facility and kept safe.

You can rest assured that if something goes wrong with your own work site, you have the data safe elsewhere in a hybrid office.

2. Round-the-clock Service

Nothing is worse than when you are in the middle of working on an important project and almost done when the server fails. If you are on your own without managed services, you may not know how to get the server working again and most likely, you won't be able to until everyone is back in the office or during working hours.

With skilled IT professionals, you know that the provider is on the job at all times. The server will be back up and running in no time.

3. A Productive IT Team

Your network needs to be working more than just during work hours. This is especially true these days as more and more people work from home and around the world for the same network. It can be a lot to ask an IT team to constantly be working around the clock while also taking care of other projects.

This is especially true as your business grows. You will want an IT team that can take care of it all and solely focuses on the IT side of things rather than taking on other projects as well.

This will reduce stress on the entire team!

4. Easy to Budget

When you hire and outsource for an IT management service, it is much easier to budget consistently. Instead of hiring someone one month and then taking the next one off, you will know what the consistent budget will be for your business.

5. Continued Learning

If you are hiring a few people into your company that has some IT experience but continue to just work and run your IT, they won't be learning consistently.

However, if you go through with a managed service provider, you will have people that are constantly growing. They are at the leading edge of everything going on in the IT world, so they will keep your company's network and technology frameworks updated with trends and tech that matter.

6. More Conducive to WFH

Not only does centralized IT management make it easier for you to keep track of everything in case of a disaster or a network failure, but it also makes sure that everyone at your company is having the same tech experience. 

When they log into their laptops from anywhere, they will have the same speed and security on the network as they would have if they were in the office. 

7. Compliance

Running a business is much more than taking care of finances and giving everyone that works for you a laptop. You have to ensure that everything you and your employees do is compliant.

By using an IT service, this will ensure you have compliance rules in place, such as consumer privacy and security of any and all financial data on everyone's laptops. The trained specialists will put the right security measures in place in terms of technology.

If you are looking to expand your business, proving to others that you are in compliance with data and security laws and rules will help you to build your customer base more easily. 

This is especially true in the healthcare, education, and financial industries. 

8. More Proactive Approach 

When running a business, it is easy to chug along until something goes wrong. Why worry about things if they are not happening? While this may be easier to do, especially if you are not tech-savvy, this can lead to problems becoming worse down the road.

A qualified managed IT service company will be able to maintain a proactive approach to preventing issues from happening in the first place. While not always possible with everything, taking precautions can reduce the risk of having multiple, preventable issues from happening. This can improve the user and employee experience at the company.

9. Skilled IT Team

While you can always have in-house staff fill empty roles and try to fulfil the tasks, this doesn't mean they are doing the best job. Hiring staff that is specifically trained as managed IT service professionals is what will ensure you hire the best people for the job.

They have a specific skill set that not everyone has based on their training. This will allow them to manage with experience rather than trying to manage while also learning the ins and outs of an IT system.

10. Save Time

As a business owner, you most likely want to grow your business. If you are focused on IT or have other workers focus on IT, you are not going to be as productive as you could be. Things will slip through the cracks and project deadlines won't always be met.

Hiring a managed IT service team will save that time so you can spend it on truly growing your business.

Hire Managed IT Services

Now that you know the benefits of managed IT services, it is time to hire for your business.

Making this move in your business may seem like a huge step, but it is one in the right direction. At Alien Systems, we are here to help you with hosting services, integrations, and more! If you have any questions, you can contact us.

Alien Systems is Sydney based with clients in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

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