Managed IT

Take the burden off your shoulders and let the experts handle your IT needs. Alien Systems will provide the latest technologies to help streamline your e-commerce operations and bring your business to new heights. Fill out our form to speak to one of our dedicated consultants today.

IT Infrastructure

Having a dependable, scalable, and cloud-based IT infrastructure is essential to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently. Alien Systems can take on this and more, designing Linux-based infrastructure that’s customized according to your needs and business requirements. Our comprehensive solutions include managed hosting services. We work with you closely to determine the hosting plan that suits your preferences and design infrastructure that helps you achieve your goals. For migration and onboarding, we’ll be there to make sure that both processes go smoothly. Finally, we can serve as consultants to help you take advantage of new technologies as they emerge.

Managed Ecommerce

The Omni-Channel approach is one of the best ways businesses can consolidate and manage their operations. Using a single system, they can handle the various customer-centric processes involved in their business without needing multiple channels. This ensures simplicity, outstanding user experience, and effective delivery of products and services. To fully take advantage of the Omni-Channel approach, we use the enterprise-class Alien Business Operating System (ABOS). This ecosystem has many features and responsive customer support, making it ideal for fast-paced operations and quickly growing companies. Some of the features you can enjoy are: API Integrations Media Asset Management Product Information Management Order Fulfillment Reporting and Analytics

Integrations and Development

Given how customer demands evolve so rapidly, you should be able to keep up and maintain your standing against other businesses. We can help you stay on top of things by transforming your processes and technologies. This is all made possible with our business system integration solutions. Let us help design, develop, and deploy architecture that modernizes your platforms and makes your organization more efficient. We can take care of the following and more: API strategy and conversion of existing applications End-to-end integration and migration to new platforms and systems Digital business strategy developed by high-level and experienced professionals

Advantages of Our Managed IT Services

Full Integration

Whatever industry you belong to, we can help you integrate new functionalities to help improve your operations. We understand that different verticals have different needs, so we’ve made sure that the ABOS platform can incorporate a vast array of features and integrations. You won’t need to work with another vendor and increase your overhead. With our unified ecosystem, you add any integrations without installing a new program to operate it.

Improved Performance and Security

As quickly as new technology comes, so do cybersecurity threats. Older systems are left vulnerable to these risks, which could result in losses if left unchecked. Thankfully, our solutions are built on tried-and-tested technologies that have robust security measures. These also have unparalleled performance and uptime for maximum efficiency. You’ll enjoy more streamlined operations protected by the most fortified systems.

Scalability for Company Growth

The biggest issue of managing your own IT systems is its scalability — or the lack of it. As your company continues to grow, your current infrastructure may not be able to keep up. Upgrades will also be costly. With our managed IT solutions, you can enjoy more scalable platforms that can adjust according to your current workload and remain flexible for traffic spikes.

Comprehensive Reports and Analytics

It’s difficult to track the success of your latest campaigns or ventures if your analytics and reporting capabilities can’t keep up. But with our platforms and integrations, we can provide more tailored reporting and analytics. We’ll gather the necessary data to show the progress, strengths, weaknesses, and various other aspects of your operations or projects.

Experienced and Trained Professionals

While we offer cutting-edge software and IT solutions, these wouldn’t make much difference without experts supporting them. Thankfully, Alien Systems has experienced people manning the platforms. We serve as partners more than providers, listening to your needs and leveraging our extensive insight to provide top-notch managed IT solutions. Our many past clients and stellar outputs are all the proof you need.

Contact Us for a Consultation

A robust and effective IT system is essential for all companies in today’s digital age. However, not all businesses have the manpower and resources to create and manage their own IT department. Thankfully, you have us at Alien Systems to provide high-level, comprehensive managed IT services for various industries, especially e-commerce. We’ll handle the bulk of your info tech needs to help your company achieve its goals, avoid losses, and grow sustainably. From building new infrastructure to migrating your operations to a single ecosystem, we can do it all. To learn more about what we do, please contact us today.

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