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Digital commerce is evolving into a platform-based approach leveraging the marketplace model. We help our clients succeed throughout the entire development cycle through strategic market evaluation and building a business case, to the build phase and launch, then continuing the scalable maturation and iteration process. We will custom build or modernise your e-commerce platform. From transactions in bricks and mortar. To delivering exceptional e-commerce buying journeys. And everything in between.

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Since our engagement with OzzyTyres, The company has experienced fast, large and consistent growth.


OzzyTyres is a leading wheel and tyre supplier in Australia. Their ERP and Ecommerce capabilities had grown a bit stale, with some systems limitations preventing growth.

Managing over 10,000 item variants, 3pl and local warehouses, shipping and procurement were overhead-heavy and causing further fulfilment issues.

The Solution

The OzzyTyres team engaged Alien Systems due to our unique and extensive history in both Magento, SAP and Software development. With an eye on both the near and longer-term digital commerce considerations, Alien Systems recommended the development of a Bespoke Operations platform, Magento and SAP upgrades and API enablement. The platform integrated with SAP and the various sales channels (B2C,B2B, Google & Facebook Marketplaces), 3pl services, and analytics. Automation algorithms reduced the overhead by ten fold, allowing the company to focus on marketing, and customer experience.

The Results

Huge and consistent sales/business growth, increased fulfilment capacity and customer satisfaction.

Alien Systems and OzzyTyres teams continue to work together to iterate and improve the online shopping experience.

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