Get Agile, Get Leaner with ABOS

Alien Business Operating System features blended with outstanding customer support to make it ideal for fast-moving operations teams in growing brands



Customisable Business Logic

Your business will only move as fast as your slowest operation, and no matter how complex your business is, ABOS can be customised to do the thinking for you. The level of performance of this product is on another level, and its operational simplicity provides satisfaction and effectiveness to users.


ABOS delivers both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Intelligence (BI). These are some of the most important tools in any enterprise context. Although they have different goals, incorporating these two technological elements in our software ensures a speedy decision making process.

Reports and Alerts

Using ABOS, you can get live alerts and automated reports to any aspect and processes in your business. These alerts are fully configurable; hence they allow you to send messages to the right people using the right channels and at the right time.



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